General Information

Job Advert Title: Associate Director ~ Director, Legal Strategic Transactions

Location: Nihonbashi,Tokyo

Division: Legal

Employment Class: Permanent


【募集の背景 / Purpose & Scope】

The Associate Director/ Director, Legal Strategic Transactions, is a key member of the Legal Strategic Transactions (“Legal ST”)Team and is responsible for providing a wide range of legal support for transactions involving Business Development (“BD”), Alliance Management (“AM”), Research, Development, Medical Affairs, Pharmaceutical Technology (“P Tech”)  for R&D activities, and Rx+ (all collectively, "Transactions"). 

Such support includes: (1) analyzing and strategically negotiating, drafting, facilitating, and resolving Transactions; (2) proactively identifying potential risk areas; and (3) developing best practice processes and recommending creative, strategic courses of action that foster the Company's business interests, advance the Company’s goals, and appropriately balance risk.

This is a strategic position and is accountable for supporting the Company's objectives in the Corporate Strategic Plan (“CSP”), balancing global business opportunities with associated legal and compliance risks in a complex and fast-evolving regulatory environment. 

This position is responsible for: (1) supporting the Legal ST Team leadership to provide practical, timely, high-quality legal support for the organization at the global, divisional, local, and affiliate levels for Transactions; (2) advising the business and the Legal ST Team in regard to Transactions across the globe; and (3) identifying and implementing preventative measures to avoid disputes and facilitate effective partnerships within the organization.

【職務の内容 / Essential Job Responsibilities

・Collaborating with the Executive and/or Senior Directors, Legal Strategic Transactions to develop strategies and provide legal support for Transactions globally, including identifying specific legal requirements relative to such activity and advising the Legal ST Head on opportunities and legal risks with respect to such matters.

・Helping to develop and implement a streamlined and consistent global approach to matters supported by the Legal ST Team.

・Providing legal support for small to large, complex BD/AM and Rx+ transactions across the organization, including mergers & acquisitions, collaborations, and licensing.

・Drafting, negotiating and consummating a broad range of complex agreements in support of:

①M&D, including agreements for collaboration and combination studies, clinical trials, expanded access, compassionate use, patient recruitment, informed consents, non-interventional studies, sponsorships and grants, advisory boards, data sharing and data licensing, investigator-initiated trials, and regulatory, quality, and pharmacovigilance agreements;

②Research, including research collaborations and alliances, consortiums, sponsored research, material transfers, research licenses, HTS library exchange, consulting services, research services, CRO services, advisory boards and councils, data sharing and data licensing, investigator-initiated studies, regulatory and quality agreements; and

③P-Tech for R&D activities, including contract manufacturing master agreements, manufacturing-related IP and material license agreements, testing service agreements, engineering agreements, construction service agreements, purchase agreements, research and development supply agreements, clinical supply agreements, quality agreements, and services agreements for supply chain vendors.

・Coordinating and working closely with business clients and the Commercial, Regulatory, and Privacy (CRP), IP Legal, IP INV, and Corporate Communications teams on Transactions.

・Coordinating and working closely with the Litigation, Investigations, and Strategic Learning (“LIT”)Team on any litigation and internal and external investigations related to Transactions.

・Helping to manage priorities for the Legal ST Team based on the CSP objectives, anticipated risks, and available resources, ensuring consistent use of best practices and a high standard of professional excellence.

・Proactively identifying key legal issues requiring attention from the Executive and/or Senior Director, Legal Strategic Transactions as appropriate.

・Supporting the Legal ST Head to provide updates and training to senior managers and business clients supported by the Legal ST Team on changes in legal developments affecting the pharmaceutical industry.

・Retaining, supervising, and directing outside counsel effectively and efficiently managing legal expenses consistent with global budget for Legal ST Team matters, coordinating closely with Legal & IP Operations.

・Coordinating closely with Ethics & Compliance colleagues.

・Keeping current on BD, AM, and other developments affecting the pharmaceutical and life science industry.

・Supporting the Executive and/or Senior Director, Legal Strategic Transactions in leading a culture of excellence for the Legal ST Team, which includes driving and fostering: (1) an agile, adaptive culture; (2) a value-based organization based on Legal's mission, strategic plan and objectives; (3) a culture of innovation, transparency, and trust; (4) proactive identification/mitigation of risk in a balanced approach; (5) empowerment and engagement of the Legal ST Team members; (6) a collaborative culture with close coordination with other members of Legal and IP as appropriate to leverage synergies and efficiencies; (7) a culture of compliance and good corporate governance; and (8) a continuous expectation of high performance, where “ok”  is not good enough.

・Other projects as may be requested by the Executive and/or Senior Directors, Legal Strategic Transactions.

・Overnight travel, including international travel, as needed.

【求める人物像 / Ideal Profile

・Deep understanding of the legal issues affecting the pharmaceutical or life science industry, including regulatory processes for prescription drugs, anti-kickback, fraud and abuse, anti-bribery, and anti-corruption and antitrust laws. Strong knowledge of global regulatory environment that affects decision-making across Astellas’ global business. In-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical or life science industry, including IP, manufacturing, R&D, regulatory and commercial elements.

・Strong ability to grasp legal issues quickly, exhibit strong analytical problem solving and decision-making skills, exercise sound judgment, and provide practical and constructive legal advice in a time-sensitive dynamic and fast-paced complex global environment.

・Strong negotiation and communication skills (both oral and written). Ability to communicate legal issues in a clear and understandable manner.

・Strong work ethic and ability to manage large workload, multi-task, focus on critical priorities, and otherwise effectively meet client needs. Ability to produce high-quality work under deadline pressures.

・Team player and able to build relationships, both internally and externally.

・Strong organizational skills. Detail-oriented, self-motivated, and able to motivate others.

・A strong commitment to integrity and professionalism and demonstrated passion for excellence.

【応募要件 / Qualifications】

<必須 / Must

・Law Degree, LL.M. or equivalent.

・At least 7-10 years of experience working in a large law firm or in-house legal department.

・At least 5 years of diverse and complex transactional legal experience, including substantial experience as a part of a deal team.

・Solid experience and knowledge of best practices relating to transactional matters in the pharmaceutical or life science industry.

・Language:  Japanese (native level), English (business level)

<歓迎 / Want

・Qualified lawyer in any jurisdiction.

・Experience in Rx+ business field (diagnostic drug, medical device/application, software, data, and the like).


【勤務地 / Location

東京都中央区 アステラス製薬 日本橋事業所 本社

Nihonbashi, Tokyo

【勤務開始日 / Start Date


Will be decided according to the candidate's flexibility

【契約期間 / Contract Duration


Not limited to specified period

【試用期間 / Probation Period


No probation period in principle

【給与 / Salary


Will be decided by the candidate's experience, skill and capability.

【昇給 / Salary Raise


Once a year

【賞与 / Bonus


Twice a year (July, December)

【諸手当 / Allowance

住宅手当、通勤手当 等

Housing allowance, Commutation allowance, etc.

【勤務時間 / Working Hours

 管理監督者 8:4517:45(月~木)、8:4516:00(金)

 Managers and Supervisors 8:4517:45MonThu)、8:4516:00Fri

【休日 / Holidays


Weekends(Sat and Sun), holidays, May 1st, summer vacation, New Year holidays

【休暇 / Vacation Leave

年次有給休暇、育児休業制度、介護休業制度 等

Annual paid leave, childcare leave system, nursing care leave system, etc.

【福利厚生 / Welfare

雇用保険、労災保険、厚生年金、健康保険、共済会制度、社宅制度、持株会制度、財形貯蓄制度 等

Employment Insurance, Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance, Welfare Pension Insurance, Health Insurance, Mutual Aid Association System, Company Housing System, Employee Shareholder Association System, Property Accumulation Savings System

【お問い合わせ / Contact

アステラス製薬株式会社 採用担当 / Japan Recruiting team, Astellas Pharma Inc.


"We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law."